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AKA: Meville when not too boring

Here, I may enter a little mini-biography about myself that has shown up on my User Info page for you to read. :)
So, welcome to Meville, where it's all me, all the time. :) Unless, of course, it's not. Hey, you never know, I might find someone else more interesting. Ok, so allow me to rename. Welcome to Sometimesmeville, where it sometimes about me and where I am sometimes me. It's good that it worked out that way...the double entendre, that is. :) Ok, as you may have guessed from my Mini-bio, I ramble a bit about nonsensical stuff. My LJ, my prerogative. :P I do occasionally come up with something funny or insightful so if you can deal with verbal bouncing, feel free to hang about. On the other hand, even if you can't, feel free to hang about. I don't mind.

I guess that comes from being the eldest of three, raised as an only child. Wow, now that was some personal info on The Web! Now I will have my ID stolen and go to hell for the misdeeds of another. Teh Suxor!'

Speaking of ID theft...Why are people such a-holes? Bastards, all of them. If you're going to be a criminal, at least have the gumption to do so in person!

Well, enough about me for the moment. I have important work to do. Derg!