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AKA: Meville when not too boring
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19th-Nov-2015 09:18 am - Yo, Happy Birfday dindrane
Well done, dindrane. :D You are now no longer as old as you were yesterday. :D Enjoy your new day and all the new things you learned yesterday. :D
26th-Sep-2008 11:32 pm - Writer's Block: Voting
What criteria can voters use to make sure their ideology is actually supported by the candidates and propositions they vote for? How can we view the real world effects of our votes?
Step A: Remove all politicians. B: Start over. C: Remove all volunteers for the new politician pool. D: Remove all of their replacements. E: Listen to what the fourth tier has to say and disbelieve them; they are probably lying too. E: Now that the rest of the world has realized that: remove equals exterminate, continue the pattern for at least 5000 repetitions to be on the safe side and finally institute a lottery-style draft to try and select a representative portion of the population to present for election. Each candidate (having been selected via a lottery system based upon some sort of educational and civil service requirements; i.e., vested and informed qualification) is given equitable and free advertisement on suitable channels so that they are all given appropriate time to express their ideas. Violators of election laws, once proved, should be summarily shot. The betrayal of trust Should be punishable by the removal of body parts, from the smallest to the largest, until eventual demise.

I would posit that this procedure would provide a good start.

However, while the corruption of politicians would probably not be eliminated by the above procedure, it might at least provide a good start. In reality, of course, politicians are proved to be even more durable than cockroaches, but one must have faith that even something as vile as politicians have been endowed with at least the common decency endowed to the cockroach, which is that of the ability to be recognized for what it is.

All things being what they are,
16th-Sep-2008 02:35 pm - Day 233 in the Gided Cage
It's all wrong
All ye of the adventurous spirit, beware.

I thought to myself: "Try something new. It can't be too bad."

I was wrong.

Though I am sure that some out there will decry my personal truths as raving lies punishable by evisceration or having my tongue cut out, I would probably only argue against evisceration, regardless of my innocence in the matter of the raving lies. For if my tongue were to be cut out, it might rid my mouth of the ghastly punishment to which it was so foolishly subjected.

I have made an error in judgment so fundamentally wrong that I am within a gnat's breath of declaring Jihad upon myself.

I decided to try Lipton's Rooibos Spice Tea. Innocent readers beware and learn from my mistake.

I don't know if it is all Rooibos Spice tea or just Lipton's version that is so terrible, but I don't know if I will ever be able to bring myself to take the chance of finding out.

The horror of it all is too much to risk again. If this had happened in the Old Testament's venue, it would surely be listed in Leviticus along with so many other of those things which are abominations in the sight of The Lord.

So...I may have gone a bit overboard, but it was bad. :P
6th-Sep-2008 09:32 am - Day 223 in the Gided Cage
For the moment, I will be posting with no subject titles. I need to figure out what to call them. I can no longer refer to work as "my captivity", but it's still an office where I sit for 8 hours a day... but wait. I have it. It was at this point that I thought of a preliminary title, which you will have read above.

It's a good place to work, and I even have a window. Well, I don't have the window; the guy behind me has the window, but since we have no cubes, I might as well have a window. It's not bad at all. At the moment, the writers' group, of which I am a part, sits in a bay-type room with the marketing group. A bit less bustle would be nice, and to that end, we're trying to orchestrate a move to a more tranquil section of the building...preferably with a bit less person to window disparity. :)

To anyone I have just bored: I hope the rest of your day is a good one. :D

If you were stranded on an island with a fictional character, who would it be and why?
I first thought Cpt Sparrow for the drunken parties, but then I thought of...well, drunken party on an island with another guy... So no. I then thought of Ms. Swann, but two problems there: One, she's more than just a little manipulative and irritating; and two, STAY THE F### AWAY FROM THE RUM!!!.

So moving away from the pirate genre, I decided on Joy (from Lamb) :)
...not so fast, Mr. Boldt. I can't talk about it right now: Too discombobulated. Suffice to say that I'm not happy about it. I just had to vent somewhere. Here for the moment. Yeah, well...
Where do you get inspiration for your arts and crafts?
I usually only do a craft for someone else, so my inspiration would be my spin on an interest of theirs; e.g., Dan's alms box.
8th-May-2007 01:30 am - Day X+1.1 Of Next
Unfortunately, I can't remember what I was going to say, because I'm a bit on the drunk side of not sober. But that's okay. I twas mildly offensive and possibly a bit alienating. So sorry about that...were it to have actually have happened. :) Peace out.

7th-May-2007 11:48 pm - Day X+1 of Next
It's all wrong
For those who might not know. I have no job. I was let go because I am not a citizen. I hold a green card, resident alien card, I-551 card, but alas, I was let go because I am not worthy to hold a job for this munificent country. At any rate I would like to say goodbye to the three or so people who might actually have accidentally stumbled upon this site twice in a row. Sorry if you have. I suppose that it could be worse---you could have stubbed your toe...twice :). I guess the long and short of it is that I will be moving to Denmark, spelled Danmark in the homeland. And, damn, she's hot...Monk just started...bla, bla, bla...Oops, the end of CSI. I suppose it happens. Now Monk has just started. Anyhow, the important part of this is that I will be moving to Denmark. I know some of the Need Coffee gang lives in the good ol' D of K, I just need to remember who. :) After Monk, that is...and a little vodka, that helps. :) Something on little sister, or whatever it is that that band uses as a chorus for that song in "The Lost Boys Soundtrack" that I can't remember at the moment. :) Viva La Revolution, and such.
15th-Feb-2007 12:20 pm - Day 1828 of My Captivity
It's all wrong
48 down 24 to go. I was just in a situation where I would normally have a cigarette, and I successfully didn't. :) I kinda feel a strange sensation of pride over that. I also feel a bit silly for taking pride in something so seemingly small. Less than 24 to go now. DAAAAAAARG

It's good and bad. I just hope I can maintain.
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